14 Top Tips for Using Grocery Coupons

Easily save 15 – 50% off your grocery bill with coupons.  85% of Americans clip coupons.  According to the Promotion Marketing Association Coupon Council, consumers save billions of dollars each year with coupons.  Here are a few tips to get the most from your coupon-clipping:

  1. Look at grocery ads to see what is on sale that week, then try to find a coupon to match to get the best deals.  Most groceries have their weekly ads online if you do not get them in the mail or newspaper.
  2. Know the grocery store policy on coupons.  Some stores will take coupons printed off the internet and some will not.
  3. Be willing to try different brands than what you usually buy.  Brand loyalty will cost you money.
  4. Organize your coupons.  Keep them in your vehicle so they will always be available when you are near a store.   One way to organize is to keep them in a 3-ring binder in sleeves with pockets.  Only put a couple of coupons in each pocket so they will all be visible as you flip through.couponclipping
  5. Use a store coupon and a manufacturers’ coupon on the same item.  Many stores allow this.  Walgreens will usually allow this.  They have store coupons in their ad every week plus a monthly booklet of store coupons and printable coupons on their website.  Give the cashier the manufacturers’ coupon first and then the store coupon to get credit for both.
  6. Some stores will accept competitor’s coupons.  This would allow you to use a store coupon from one store at a store with lower prices.
  7. Use coupons on the smallest possible size to get the biggest savings.  Some coupons will even work on trial sizes.
  8. Read the description on the coupon.  Don’t go by the picture.  The description takes precedence.   The photo is usually of the most expensive item on which the coupon will work.
  9. Shop at stores that double or triple coupons.  Some stores have doubling or tripling of coupons all the time and others only do this on certain days.  Some stores will double several of the same coupon.  Others will double only the first coupon and then the second duplicate coupon will only be taken at face value. Know the store in your area with the best policies.
  10. Find coupons on the internet and print them off.  If you have never printed any before you may have to download a coupon-printing program.  This allows you to print coupons with barcodes that will be accepted by stores.
  11. Subscribe to your Sunday paper.  This is where most coupons are found.  If you find particularly valuable coupons it may pay to go out and buy a few more papers.
  12. Ask friends and relatives that don’t clip coupons to save their Sunday inserts for you.
  13. Have a certain brand product you are fond of?  Look for coupons on the manufacturer’s website.  If you don’t find any there, call their 800 number and request them to mail coupons to you.
  14. Sign up for frequent shopper cards for discounts to combine with your coupons.  The store may also mail coupons to you.  Some stores give gas discounts with these cards when you spend a certain amount.

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