Time Used Car Purchases to Save Big

Used cars prices fluctuate greatly.  Here are a few tips to make the most of these fluctuations:

1.  Used cars are generally less expensive in the fall or at the end of the year. This is driven by several factors:

  • October is a traditional new car-buying month that produces more used cars.
  • Many car dealers have to pay an inventory tax that is based on the dollar value as of January 1 each year. The dealer sells down to prepare for the tax savings.

2.  When income tax refund checks are arriving or are due, used cars prices go up.carwoman

3.  When children are out of school or vacation season is on the used car market gets tighter and costlier.

4.  Beware after disasters (floods, tornadoes and hurricanes).  The cheap cars have ugly histories of nearly irreparable and costly damages that show up within a year.

5.  Most people get rid of a car for a reason, if you buy that car later you may find you also don’t want it!

6.  Look at a car twice before buying, use the time in between to research –Car Fax, safety ratings, gas mileage and all the other important reasons you should or should not buy. Never put off buying if you find the right car except to get more information. If it is a good buy someone else will find it soon.

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