12 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

The average family of 4 spends $2500 per year on clothing.   Use the following tips on making your clothes last longer and you could save $1000/year or more —

  1. Wear your clothing several times before washing.  Washing breaks down the fibers and wears out clothing.  Take work clothes/school clothes off immediately when you get home and change to “play” clothes.  Febreze works well to freshen clothing between washings.
  2. Wash clothing in cold water after turning them inside out.  This keeps colors from fading and reduces wear on the outer surfaces.  Cold water is not as hard on clothing as hot. clotheshangers
  3. Wear darker clothing if you are prone to spills.  This is especially helpful with messy children.   If you have pets keep lint rollers handy to use instead of having to wash your pants every time they get near you.
  4. Use thicker plastic or wood or padded hangers instead of wire.  Clothing will wrinkle less and will be less likely to get gouged at the shoulders.
  5. Unbutton all clothing before putting in the wash.  Washers tug at the threads more on buttoned items.  Save all those extra buttons that come with new clothing in a special jar or drawer — this may keep you from having to replace an item in the future.
  6. Keep a “Tide-to-Go” pen with you and immediately treat all stains.  This works well without having to wash the item right away.
  7. Stop using liquid fabric softener.  These can leave spots on your clothes and are not really necessary.
  8. Hang dress shirts but fold sweaters.  Hanging can stretch the delicate knits.  Dress shirts acquire lots of extra wrinkles if folded requiring damaging irons to be used on them.
  9. Any clothing with zippers should be zipped up before washing.  The rough edges of the zippers can eat away at other clothing in the same load.
  10. Air-dry items made from nylons or other synthetics and any clothing containing elastic.  Hot dryers can wear these out quickly.
  11. Repair any small holes in clothing immediately before they become large holes that may be impossible to fix.
  12. Wear undergarments under dress clothing to prevent sweat stains and friction wear and tear.  Undershirts, camisoles and slips can be much less expensive than outer clothing and it doesn’t matter if they get stained since no one but you is going to see them.

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