25 Frugal Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Here are a few Christmas or Hanukkah gift ideas for the senior citizen on your list. These would also work for birthday or anytime presents.

  1. stationery
  2. stamps
  3. beauty salon gift certificate
  4. bedsocks
  5. hand lotions and creams
  6. scarf
  7. special soaps
  8. birdfeeder
  9. reach extender
  10. music CD
  11. book on CD or tape
  12. word search puzzle books
  13. help with difficult household tasks
  14. non-skid socks
  15. jumbo-faced playing cards
  16. sweet breads such as pumpkin or banana-nut
  17. plants
  18. large print books
  19. a personal visit
  20. scrapbook of family member photos
  21. warm blanket
  22. slippers
  23. sweatshirt and/or pants
  24. large-face electric clock
  25. large-button TV remote

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