My mission is to help people who need to pay off debts, save for the future or just want to increase their standard of living with the same income.  In the current state of our economy a lot of people are struggling but may have no idea how to cut back to keep from going under financially.  I hope to provide helpful tips here at Frugal Hero to help more people stay afloat.

I have been fascinated with frugality since childhood.  Spent many a Sunday afternoon growing up clipping coupons and filling out rebate forms.  Raised in Mississippi by frugal parents, I am now living in a rural area just outside Austin, TX with my frugal husband who grew up with very thrifty Depression-era parents.

Yes, “Frugal Hero” is female and to be precise the name should be “Frugal Heroine”.  However doesn’t the more gender neutral “Frugal Hero” sound more appealing?

If you have any frugal ideas you would like to share or any ideas for improvement of Frugal Hero please email me at:


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